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Best Laptop Brands to buy

You will agree with me when I say that shopping, as much as one looks at the price first, the brand is also important. This means that sometimes, one ends up buying something based on the brand rather than the price tag on the item. If you are looking to buy a new laptop either for your studies, personal cell phone spy elite use of for business purposes but aren’t sure which brand to buy, take your time and make a proper assessment. The following laptop brands have made it to the list through evaluation based on their design, reviews, tech support, warranty, software and innovation analysis.


Year after year, Apple continues to amaze their customers with new laptop brands. If you own any of Apple’s products and a laptop to be precise, know that you posses an efficient and top notch electronic machine. It comes with powerful software and the fact that you can mail or return a default product to their main stores gives you the assurance that you can always count on them.Just recently, Apple released a new MacBook laptop design that has been modified into a slim portable machine measuring 12 inches making it easy to carry around. The cheapest Apple laptop you can get will cost you $800.


If you are looking for quality yet affordable, Dell is the machine to go for. Dell Laptops range from 2 in 1s to gaming laptops all the way to quality business systems.  In short there is a wide range of products that suit everyone’s needs at pocket friendly prices. When it comes to tech service, you don’t have to worry about returning a product with default. Dell will pay the shipping cost no matter the prize of the product. Their customer support team can easily be reached via email, their ever ready diagnostic tool or through live chat. As for the software, Dell laptop brands gives you 20GB free space in your DropBox which you’ll admit is way higher than what you’d get before you start paying for the service. It also has a backup and recovery system that ensures you don’t lose any important document. Prices range between $180- $2500 for a Dell laptop.


Asus is one of the companies that have been trying to catch up with the ‘big guys’ by embracing new technologies like Nvidia sync and Core M. They have quite a range if impressive, quality laptop designs in the market right now. Asus products are very affordable compared to other brands. Some of the materials used are plastic but you can’t tell just by staring at it. They all look like premium products. They may be cheap but the quality is out of this world. Most Asus laptops typically come with software such as Candy Crash Saga, Netflix, Line and Netflix. As for the prices, you can own an Asus Laptop with less $200 to $2500 for brands like G751JY Asus laptops.


Lenovo closes our list of best laptop brands you can invest in, in 2016. If there is something Lenovo laptops boast in it’s their light weight features and the ability to fold when using them. In fact, Lenovo released one of the lightest laptops in the market called the G50-45. Some of the software that you will get in some of Lenovo laptops are Shareit and Reachit which make file transfer easy. When shopping for Lenovo laptops on their main site you can get one with all your desired specs from screen display, storage and RAM.

Shopping for a laptop can be hard when you are not sure what to look for but with this least, you’ll be able to narrow down your options.